Given today’s IoT reality, with smart grids and Green Cities starting to become attractive propositions, Al Dhow designs and delivers ecosystems that fulfill the latest in public spaces’ trends and requirements.  

  • Arenas and Stadiums
    Arenas and Stadiums

    The importance of reliable lighting systems, together with excellent visual modelling capabilities, cannot be overstated in today’s world of High Definition media.  Al Dhow’s many years of experience enables it to deliver the most sophisticated and advanced lighting environment which allows the pitch to come to life, allowing both on-site spectators and those at home to enjoy the game equally and feel part of the action. 

  • Ports and Airports
    Ports and Airports

    Our solutions cover perimeter zones, working areas, and everything in between.  Most ports and airports require lighting to ensure a safe and efficient working environment. At Al Dhow, we design lighting solutions within all internationally accepted regulations enabling flawless operations at all times.

  • Roads and Streets
    Roads and Streets

    National and international standards seek to ensure maximum safety for all road users. Our solutions offer fully compliant glare controlled, combined with low-maintenance and high efficiency products; many of which may be IoT enabled, thus helping the transition towards smart streets, cities and grids.

    Urban street and road lighting elements have transcended from the ‘functional’ to themselves being core design elements that reflect and enhance the identity of their space. Our team supports and assists our clients in the selection of standard and/or custom solutions to create unique, memorable spaces.



Amiri terminal bldg.
Doha Metro
Stadiums at Qadisiya, Al-Arabi, Jahra, Kazma, Yarmouk, Salmiya
Al Shabab Sports Club Stadium at Ahmadi
Shuaiba Port