Facilities and Energy Services

ENGIE Services was established as a joint venture between Al Dhow Engineering and the ENGIE Group to cater to the growing energy and facilities management needs in Kuwait.
As a major stakeholder in the international energy industry, ENGIE is focused on its’ three core businesses of electricity, natural gas, and energy services with an aim to support and develop a new vision of energy for the world: sustainable energy, available to everyone.

ENGIE Services Kuwait is dedicated to providing sustainable and innovative solutions for the energy management and operation of facilities in Kuwait. From solutions design and maintenance services to integrated facility management, the Company offers customized technical smart solutions that maximize efficiency, reduce emissions, and increase energy savings for buildings, factories, towns & even cities. The ENGIE Group has worldwide and GCC experience & expertise in maintaining malls, airports, schools and campuses, museums and cultural centers. The Group’s main goal is to maintain complex facilities in a sustainable manner.

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