The growth of digital lighting has opened new possibilities in energy efficiency, monitoring and control. Al Dhow Energy Services Division leverages technological innovation to help end users focus on their core business whilst managing their lighting infrastructure to ensure energy efficient light at all times.

Energy Service Contracts are based on results measured throughout the duration of a contract, where payments are performance based and where all parties share the benefits of reducing the total cost of ownership.

Al Dhow Energy Service Division develops and implements the upgrade of existing lighting installations in accordance with the latest industry standards and practices, then maintains and monitors performance and consumption levels throughout the period of the contract. 

  • Retrofit & Building Control Systems
    Retrofit & Building Control Systems

    By setting the regional pace through being the first to offer the latest and most efficient LED lighting technology, Al Dhow has positioned itself as a preferred supplier of energy efficient light solutions with many large private and public organizations. Moreover, our vast experience in lighting control enables us to offer the most advanced control systems, thus offering our clients the latest methods of interaction with their assets and environment and achieving the best energy efficiency for their premises. 

  • Street Lighting
    Street Lighting

    Al Dhow delivers turnkey energy efficient street lighting solutions, starting from the design and delivery of a variety of recessed and surface-level distribution networks, to the supply and installation of the latest LED street lighting fixtures and telemanagement systems. Our proposed solutions help manage installations, monitor its’ performance and plan maintenance so as to ensure for minimum accidents, waste, and zero failures, thus preserving a safe environment. Moreover, they collect and analyse relevant data in order to continuously improve and manage the performance and efficiency of lighting installations. Our integrated solutions enable us to create smarter infrastructure for smarter cities.